Tokai Goldstar Sound Refret

I set this guitar up a while ago and immediately advised the owner that it needed to have the frets replaced. As you can see from the first photograph, they're pretty worn.

I removed the old frets applying heat with my soldering iron and some fret pullers. Luckily I didn't have any chip out which was a good result. First picture was almost half way through pulling and the second picture was once they were all out. I then sanded th fretboard and made the radius of the board true again with a radius block.

Next I cleaned and bend the wire to match the 7.25" radius of the board and roughly cut the frets to size. I made a fret holder from a scrap piece of wood. Drilled 24 holes in it and numbered them. After talking to the owner we decided to go for Dunlop 6105 fret wire.

Now the bit we've all been waiting for. Installing the frets! Because my fret press was still in the post at the time of doing the I used a fretting hammer to tap them in with a bit of glue for extra security.

After the frets are in I got the fret end beveller out and bevelled the ends. First the sides to make them flush with the fret board. Then at a 35 degree angle to make it feel nicer when playing.

The next stage was to level the frets themselves followed by re-profiling and polishing.


I want this setup to be the best it can be and for the owner to really enjoy playing their guitar again and levelling frets in essential, in my opinion, for a great playing guitar.

The neck is now complete with new frets. Fretboard brought back to life with some oil. I'll make a new bone nut for it and once it's reassembled give it a full setup. 

A final wipe to remove my fingerprints and she's ready for action! If you'd like your guitar setup please get in touch with me here. For more info on some of the help I offer please email me or FAQ for other bit's.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this insight to how I treat guitars. Don't forget to stalk me on social media where I upload lots of before/during/after pictures.